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Published on 27-01-2017


    We always interested in making ways available to speed up your earning and make earning simple. We have just Introduced a $0.2 sign up bonus. This decision was taking to make our FREE Members become At least a LEVEL 0.1 Member. With a This free $0.2 , You just have deposit $0.8, That makes it a $1.00 . Buy the Special Package, Which includes, LEVEL0.1 Membership,  3 free referrals and 15,000 Banner credit (advertise and still earn).

Click on the Deposit Button to Add your Deposits, Referrals are Available for rent.

NEW PREVILEGE for Upgraded Members: 

If You miss to click in a day for any reason. Please Contact us via the support ticket and we will extend your Membership expiration date by the number of days you did not click.


Penalty: We will deduct one Premium Ad Amount from your account

Please Post questions in the Question section of the forum if you have any Or contact us via support Ticket.

We Can\'t Achieve Anything Without You. Thank You For being Here
Published on 20-01-2017

so far, we have;

  • Gathered Beautifully Active Members.
  • Introduced an upgrade for just $1.
  • Reduced the Minimum Payout for perfectMoney to $0.011 , INSTANT WITHDRAWAL
  • Enabled BitCoin Payment method for PerfectMoney Restricted Countries.
  • Introduced a $6 Special Pack.
  • Been able to answer the support ticket within 1-24hrs.

Please Enter the NEWS and UPDATES Forum Section to Make Your Contributions and Suggestions, We'll Love to hear You.

$0.011 Minimum Payout, Just $1 upgrade - MillenniumClix
Published on 14-01-2017

We Released the $1 upgrade plan to kick start everyone into a whole new level of internet earning, Yes, at MillienniumClix a dollar gets you started, The $1 upgrade plan includes:

$0.005 per premium ad click

$0.005 per referral premium ad click

Instantly withdrawable $0.05 commission for every referral upgrade.

Upgrade to Level 0.1 today, it costs  $1, (a dollar ) only.

What You Should understand:

1. You don't Earn from referral clicks on level 0: Many of You have Referral who are clicking like wildfire, but you are not making any earning from the click as you are on level 0, Upgrade to at least the $1 cost level, that is, Level 0.1 to earn from referral clicks.

2. Ads are not guaranteed on level 0


Biggest news for today is:

 We have made the Minimum payout $0.011 , For every level until 18th Jan 2017 23:59. 

This minimum payout will remain so after 18th jan 2017 23:59 for all premium level . Only "Level 0" minimum payout will become $1 and instant withdrawal will still be enabled for all levels.

So, if you've got $0.011 in your account now, you can now payout via PerfectMoney. 

You\'ll Love This - Important Update from MillenniumClix
Published on 10-01-2017

We always love to cease any opportunity we get to write you. It gladdens us knowing you are a member of our earning community and As a member that you are, we are most delighted to announce the availability of an Upgrade pack Modified just to make sure every member in millenniumclix earns and withdraw instantly on a daily basis.


We have dropped the Lowest Upgrade Pack. We said we came to transform the PTC industry and that's exactly what we are here to do.

The fully Powered "Level 0.1" has proven to be the cheapest upgrade, Costing only $1 , Yes, a dollar to upgrade and earning is a sure-fire as You will receive:
$0.005 Per Premium Ad Click
$0.005 Per Ref Premium Ad Click
Withdrawable $0.05 when your referral upgrade.

All Benefits cost $1 Only. We had to come up with this cheap upgrade just to provide the right amount every member can afford.

we are MillenniumClix, we came to make a home for online Earners and transform the Advertising Industry and the Paid to click industry as a whole. 
Thank you for being a member at MillenniumClix


Published on 09-01-2017

Just For you we are upgrading everyday and improving the way you can generate profits from the Internet.

the superb $1 upgrade has been Put to Play.

Nothing will gladden Us more like seeing so many payouts in a day, all being paid instantly.

This Upgrade Includes:

$0.005 per click.

$0.005 per ref click.

Minimum Payout exclusively for this upgrade level is $0.02 , Paid instantly via PerfectMoney (please note: bitcoin is processed manually for now)

Upgrade Cost is  $1 ... Upgrade Now Via the "Upgrade Account" 



Earn and Advertise Now, Special Pack
Published on 07-01-2017

We have been making so much progress with your help, You have been advertising us in different Ptc, Forums, Basically everywhere. Thank you.

So far, We have Increased in the number of members.

Payout is now Instant with a minimum payout of $0.05.

Today, We are pleased to announce the availability of "LevelUp" Special Pack: With this pack purchase, You earn and advertise at the same time.

This package Includes.

1. The Newly Activated "Level 0.5" 

          a. You earn $0.05 Per click

          b. You earn $0.008 Per referral click

          c. You earn $0.1 on referral upgrade

          d. Instant Withdrawal.

 Check on upgrade Page to see full benefits

2. 20000 banner Advertising credits: Your Ads will be shown 20000 times on our 468x60  banner positions.

3. 5 Active Rented Referral

4. 80000 Featured text ads credits: Your Ads will be shown 80000 times on our Featured text ads positon.

All these benefits for  $6 

MillenniumClix - Earning goes on.

Published on 04-01-2017

You can now withdraw you earnings instantly, all withdrawal from $0.05 is now paid instantly on all levels. 

You can start with your withdrawals

We are happy at the level Most Members are earning,  thanks to their referrals.

We have within 2 weeks grown a database of 500+ members all with you help, we say thank you.

We are getting tickets asking whY referral clicks is not CREDITED : Please note, at LEVEL 0, You don't make any profit from referral clicks, Referral Clicks payment comes when you are upgraded to at least level 1, 

By Upgrading, You get to see Premium Ads and referral clicks will  be credited to your account balance, ALL available for instant withdrawal.

-MillenniumClix - Earning goes on

Published on 03-01-2017

We desire to see every member making profit consistently, According to our Statistics Department, We have Many Members clicking on Shown ads, A good number of our members are not earning from their referrals because of the level they are, As a level 1 Member, The value for ads increases and You will be able see PREMIUM ADS and also earn maximally from referrals,whether Rented or Direct referrals. 

Post your referral links everywhere possible and upgrade your account to earn maximally from your referrals.

Some members have started using the forum, thank you for that, sooner than later, We'll need forum moderators. We'll keep you posted.


-MillenniumClix - Earning good on and on.

Fully Launched, "upgrade" button now open... Ads are now available....
Published on 01-01-2017

First of all, Happy New year......

Please login to start earning, The Ads have started rolling out already.

You can Now "UPGRADE" Your Account .

We are very pleased to announce to you that we are fully launched, Millenniumclix's strategy and scheme was released on 26 Dec 2016 as a website, Now look at where we are in just 7 days, You can tell Our scheme is Solid, Thank you for registering as a sign of believing in us.

Now, We have Openede the "Upgrade" Button which many of our members have been waiting for, We'd like to tell you one more time about Our scheme and strategies to make sure every member attains unimaginable success .

2017 is already showing up to be the most profitable year for every one on millenniumclix, We'll love to exclusively say thank you for coming in.

We look forward to being the earning home for as many members as possible, We promise to be transparent and Open, Taking no action without your consent.

We are grateful for those of you who have been referring people to enable us fully launch our program. With your help, We grew like a Wild-Fire. Thank you.

Most of you have referrals Already, Thumbs up to that, As you may not need to rent referrals again, Keep it up and refer until you exceed the limit.
Your referrals are your earning power here in millenniumclix. With scheme so powerful you make profit from your referrals monthly both direct and rented . Please refer to this page to know how you earn from your referrals and how much you can earn

We'll update you daily on Our scheme in total Transparency. Please Check, Post on our forum regularly as we are going to very soon need moderators, We will keep you posted on this one. 

Thank you for all your inputs, We will make the best out of every of our available resources. Thank you

We are moving at a Beautiful pace.
Published on 27-12-2016

Nice to tell every we are moving at a beautiful pace, thank you for registering and  thank you for referring other.


Thank you for believing in us.

How does this Website Operate and What is my Potential Earning
Published on 26-12-2016

Register and log in into your account. Click Ads from the menu to show the advertisements. Click an advertisement and wait until the loading bar completes. Confirm the captcha and your balance is credited! As soon as your account balance reaches $2 , Request and payout.

Potential Earning Monthly:

                 Your Monthly Potential lies solely on your referrals: We are going to assume at maximum here.

                Let's say you are on Level 1 which Cost $15 Monthly and you have the Rented referral limit of 30 referral.

                You Earn $0.1 Per click :  $0.1 x 4 Guaranteed Ads = $0.4 Daily  ($12 monthly)

              referral earns $0.0085 Per Click : $0.0085 x 4 Guaranteed Ads = $0.034 daily x 30 referrals x 30 days ($30.6 Monthly)

               You earn $0.1 Each Referral upgrade monthly : $0.1 x 30 = $3 Monthly


            For the whole month(30 days)- You earn = $12 + $30.6 + $3 = $45.6 Monthly.

            Your Profit for the month = $45.6 - $3(30 rented referral fee) - $15(monthly upgrade fee) =  $27.6 ( Profit)


          You can earn even more by Upgrading to a higher Monthly Level and referring direct members which saves you rental cost.